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        1. Welcome To NASCO
          Mail OA Language:中文


          MoreAbout Us

          Nanjing Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. (NASCO) was established on Sep 28, 1988 and restructured in 1994. Since its inception,she has developed gradually to become a comprehensive ocean shipping company with a full range of services in ocean shipping, such as ship owning, operating, ship management, international shipping agency, manning services,vessel mangement,bunker survey,damage inspection,condition survey,new building supervise...


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          Add:18F, No.5, ZhongTai International Plaza, 311 JiangDong Road(M), Nanjing, 210019.P.R.China

          TEL:86-25-58820501 58820507



          A ?Solemn Declaration on the False Report in respect of M/V HEILAN STAR was Allegedly Carrying Cargoes to Iran and Stopped by a British Warship